American model and Nintendo fan Chrissy Teigen recently took to Twitter to voice her opinion on Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and how it compares to “real” Animal Crossing games. There are many elements in the new mobile title that she isn’t a fan of, including how animal characters act toward you – especially when they make you accomplish tasks in order to gain their so-called friendship. You can read some of her thoughts below:

“Pocket animal crossing might be okay for you AC newbies but for us tom nook loyalists it is merely a hit of the crack that is actual, real, animal crossing. It lacks the heart. The soul. It’s a sandwich with no meat. A car without tires. That said, I have spent $120 dollars on leaf tickets.

“These pocket animal crossing animal people things. They aren’t our friends. They’re jerks. Who makes certain couch demands before visiting someone’s house? Then shows a video montage of them sleeping on it. I hate these people. I’m actually getting angrier about this as I type it. What kind of crap is this teaching us? I need a hammock to have friends? Fruit will grow faster if I throw money at it? I’m deleting this.”


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