Liam Robertson, a researcher who uncovers lost video games and other scoops, has recently uploaded a video to his YouTube channel that tells us that the Animal Crossing game for mobile that we have today is very different to the original concept. Although many can argue that it’s common for games to evolve into a product that differs very much to the original idea, it’s very interesting to hear just how different the Animal Crossing game was compared to what has been released. The working title was ‘Animal Crossing: Town Planner’ and it had players build a small town with a few economical management elements. There was no roaming around as an avatar and the game was based on menu choices. Ultimately, Nintendo didn’t shine towards this concept and ordered for the game to be reinvigorated – hence the delay.

To find out more details about the canned Animal Crossing town building game, go and check out Liam’s video that I’ve included below.



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